Our Cervices


The main focus of our work is
localization of audiovisual content.

We have many years’ experience of localizing projects of any complexity and volume, working in different time limits, and taking an individual approach in dealing with each client.

We provide any type of localization, depending on aims and budget of a project:

  • Full lyp-sync dubbing
  • Isosynchrony dubbing
  • Isosynchrony voiceover
  • Voiceover
  • Subtitling

We also work with musical content and projects, localizing songs and musicals.

We collaborate with over 40 AV-translators and subtitlers, and 20 editors and proofreaders. All of them have been tested to meet our rigorous standarts.

We guarantee that our voice acting conforms to the original with its text, stylistics, creative message, acting level, and sound.

Whatever kind of project you have — commercials, documentaries, short films or series, videogames, audiobooks, podcasts – we have all necessary personnel and equipment to help it meet with success.



Our studio provides a full range of audiodescription work, including text creation performed by qualified AD professionals, recording, and mixing.

The QC is performed by our seeing-impaired colleagues.


Audio Post-production

Projects in 2.0, 5.1, 7.1 formats

Editing packages and studio renting.

Audio post-production studio conveniently located in Moscow.

At the moment we have two 5.1 studios, a music production studio, a large ADR room, and two ADR/VO booths.

The recording rooms are equipped with AVID Pro Tools HDX, Steinberg Nuendo, AVID and iCON controllers. All studios have a vast store of microphones.

You can have any sound design, toning, voice recording and editing, music & effects recording and mixing performed at our facility.