RuFilms™ and Maraphon dubbing and post-production studio announce their strategic partnership initiative

On December 7, 2018, RuFilms™ as the leader of the audiovisual translation, accessibility and localization market officially announced that Maraphon dubbing studio (Moscow) becomes a member of RuFilms group of companies on the parity basis. This statement means that the movie, TV and OTT industries witness the emergence of an alliance capable of providing the full range of large-volume audiovisual localization and accessibility services under tightest deadlines.

RuFilms™ Group has always pursued innovative trajectories in the course of its growth.

  • In 2007 RuFilms™ made a breakthrough large-volume subtitling translation offer at foreign and domestic markets;
  • In 2012 RuFilms™ was the first company to offer a fully operational internationally renowned university level course of audiovisual translation in its School of Audiovisual Translation;
  • In 2016 RuFilms™ invested heavily in the digital accessibility research and market promotion as a localization-related service becoming a major player in audiodescription and SDH domains;
  • In 2018 RuFilms™ moved on with a major program of research and practical work in the translation for immersive environments (VR, 3D);
  • In 2019 RuFilms™ will launch several community-oriented projects becoming a trailblazer in the domain of corporate social responsibility;
  • In 2019 RuFilms™ will enter the major expansion phase after signing the strategic partnership agreement with Maraphon dubbing studio.

Director General of Maraphon dubbing studio Igor Ivanenkov pioneered the idea of raising the long-time cooperation to the new level. The industry pundits know that Russian dubbing studios tend to have a few staff translators and major translation companies have their own established vendors of technical services but no parity alliances exist in the Russian marker that could offer the widest possible range of localization services and process large volumes maintaining the highest standards of quality.

Elena Konotopova, the co-owner of RuFilms LLC, believes that the range of the services that the partnership will effectively enable is really comprehensive. The two partner companies have different but strongly interrelated functions and the amalgamation of their efforts and unique selling points will be of interest for all parties involved in localization – from audiovisual translators to voice talent and to content production and distribution companies. RuFilms and Maraphon create a bundle of translation, studio and professional training that is unparalleled in Russia.

The new cooperation format is a challenge for both companies, but Elena and Igor rely on a decade-long experience of cooperation and joint work with major customers. RuFilms has been a direct vendor to Netflix, Paramount Pictures, Amazon Prime, Gazprom Media, Sreda production company and others. Maraphon studio has been working with major cinema releases and content localization for broadcast channels and OTT platforms.